Property Planning

Armstrong Muller Consulting has been involved in a range of property planning and related projects with indigenous organisations and government departments. We have provided services to land owners ranging from preparation of ILC applications and production of property plans for these applicants, to the analysis of land use options for maximum enterprise benefits to the indigenous owners. Specialist staff with a long history in both indigenous and non indigenous land issues, have developed business plans arising from these property plans, to address land based economic development for Indigenous organisations or regional groups.

Our team can assist in property planning or related projects; from planning for individual developments to joint venture partnerships on community held land. We have helped a number of indigenous organizations to prepare applications for funding for property planning and related business development.

We can work with Native Title groups to plan for the successful business development of their properties, to assist in the development of regional partnerships or amalgamations in this area. We can access specialist staff to support organisations in becoming aware of possible benefits of carbon trading initiatives on their land, and to develop applications to government departments or this purpose.

Some examples of projects AMC have done in this field…

  • Preparation of Property Management Plans / Business Plans for 8 cattle stations in the NT to inform the Indigenous Pastoral Program;
  • Review of the operations of the Aboriginal lands Trust of SA and the preparation of a business plan to deal with their requirements for going forward;
  • Preparation of numerous Property Management Plans for ILC funded projects;
  • Plans for small scale horticultural gardens around South Australia, including Matjurra which supplies a supermarket chain under its own label;
  • Researched and developed land use options for two separate Indigenous groups which own property in the mid-North of SA and Flinders Ranges respectively.