Governance Mentoring & Planning

Armstrong Muller Consulting has combined their considerable corporate and Indigenous experience to enable them to deliver successful governance training and ongoing mentoring; We have also been involved in business mentoring for many of the organizations where they have completed strategic and business planning, feasibility study or organizational review processes. Government departments and agencies have contracted us to provide long term business mentoring to individual and organizational enterprises to ensure that they are provided with appropriate support, especially in the initial stages of the business development.

Our long term involvement with indigenous groups and organizations across the country means we can use the most effective method of governance training delivery and ongoing support: much of our governance delivery has been on the ground and ongoing, providing support and direction over a long period.

Our mentoring skills are well suited to working with Native Title groups who are forming their initial governance structures, and require support in developing practical but legitimate governance practices and funds distribution policies. It also enables us to combine with RTOs or other NGOs to provide high quality mentoring support and capacity building for employment projects or Human Resource planning.

Some examples of projects AMC have done in this field…

  • Assisting a Native Title Group with identifying and recommending governance practices and funds distribution processes;
  • Mentoring and capacity building with a business in a significant mining town as it pursues JV opportunities with existing operators
  • The provision of Governance training and mentoring support to five regional DEEWR organisations in South Australia over a twelve month period