Feasibility Studies

Armstrong Muller Consulting have development numerous feasibility studies for both individual indigenous run businesses and regional groups who want to work together for better financial return. The feasibility of joint approach has been a key component of some of this work. Studies have incorporated a range of industry sectors from cattle production to aquaculture and through to community stores and hotels and proposed Infrastructure for Community Sporting and Recreation Programs.

Armstrong Muller Consulting specialists can assist communities, organizations and individual indigenous businesses to examine their current situation, investigate possible future scenarios and draw conclusions as to the feasibility of proposed programs, projects or partnership approaches. This process includes the consultant working with the key players to define the challenges and opportunities inherent in their existing or proposed business models.

Examples of projects AMC have done in this field…

  • A pre-feasibility, followed by a feasibility, study for a group of four Aboriginal land-owners in the East Kimberley (WA) wishing to explore joining their cattle properties into a single business operation.
  • Preparing a regional plan for pastoral and sheep properties to work together for mutual benefit.
  • Assessing the feasibility of a seafood processing facility.