Service Providers in the Disability Sector

The impact of reforms associated with the NDIS results in significant challenges for Service providers in the Disability Sector including:

  • The need for large-scale cultural change to meet the changing business needs;
  • The development of a suitable business model to operate in a more competitive market place;
  • Working capital will be adversely affected by the change from block funding in advance to customer payment in arrears;
  • Increased consumer choice leads to a need for a differentiated market presence to attract new customers, while providing value for money;
  • Opportunities will arise to attract new customers as the market expands; and
  • In an increasingly competitive environment, workforce development and management will need to change to attract and retain staff with the skills required.

Recent projects in the Sector that demonstrate our experience include:

  • Preparing a feasibility study relating to the impact on a Not For Profit organisation in South Australia of the NDIS and the steps that it needs to take to re-model the business. The business turns over some $15m and employs 250 staff and 160 volunteers. Our scope of work included; Assessing current situation and current service offerings; Consider opportunities and challenges presented by transition to NDIS; Confirm and outline the range of services to be delivered under NDIS; Assess various options and model different scenarios; Outline the Strategies and Tactics available to the organisation across the key areas of Operations, Marketing, Human Resources, Technology and Financial Resources.
  • Provision of NDIS transition support services to Australian Disability Enterprises (ADE’s) as they deal with the major transition from block funding to NDIS funded services. Services include a review of current situation, assessment of the impact of NDIS, feasibility of new business lines and preparation of different future scenarios for the respective Boards. ADE’s have been located across Australia including Adelaide SA; Broken Hill, NSW; Alice Springs, NT; Melbourne, VIC. The ADE’s we have worked with range in size from 22 Supported Employees through to 101 Supported Employees.
  • “Review of Corporate Support Services Capacity” of a major not-for-profit and aged care provider.
  • Preparation of a “Board Charter” for the business arm of a Not For Profit organisation to establish the ground rules between the Not For Profit and its subsidiary.