Government Program and Organisational Reviews

Armstrong Muller Consulting has been involved in a number of reviews for, and of, Indigenous organisations. The reviews can be for any number of purposes.

We have a team of specialist consultants who together have a broad range of experience and knowledge of Indigenous communities; their governance structures, financial operations, human resource needs, Government program and policy directives and cultural imperatives. We are therefore in a prime position to engage with communities and organisations to review current practices and outcomes, and to produce a review that contains a set of practical and achievable recommendations for the Community, Board, management and Funding Agencies to consider.

We work productively between Government bodies and indigenous organisations as we understand government guidelines, programs and probity principles and that they are seeking positive outcomes for Aboriginal people across the country. Our expertise in building capacity through the review process assists.

AMC can offer valuable review services to Native Title Groups who have previously negotiated Land Access Agreements and then need to evaluate whether the agreed terms of reference have been adhered to.

Some examples of projects that AMC have done in this field.

  • Operational Review and Organisation Realignment of the businesses and administration activities within the Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara (APY)
  • Review of PY Ku, a network of Rural Transaction Centres in the APY Lands
  • Major review of a significant Trust Fund for the Corporate Trustee and Traditional owner Trustees
  • Evaluation of the multi-sports Regional Participation Agreement in the APY Lands to assess the progress of the program and make recommendations for ongoing funding and improvements;
  • Undertaking an analysis of the needs of Aboriginal Carers for the Office for the Ageing under the HACC program;
  • Review of the CDEP Delivery Model in the Miwatj Region (East Arnhem Land).
  • Undertaking a survey of twenty eight Indigenous Community owned stores located in remote SA, eastern WA and southern NT.