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Armstrong Muller Consulting has extensive cross-disciplinary and cross-industry experience from working in the corporate sector for over 30 years.

Since commencing operations the Principals of Armstrong Muller Consulting have assisted over 150 clients with management consulting and corporate finance advice. In most cases this advice has been provided at a pivotal point of a businesses development. That is; it may be considering new opportunities, reassessing operations, merging, acquiring, entering new regions or undergoing a significant transition.

Projects have been undertaken across a broad range of industries including; Manufacturing, Information Technology, Aquaculture, Engineering, Transport, Food, Primary Production, Water, Tourism, Service (contractors, surveyors), Entertainment and the Arts.

We are highly experienced in stakeholder consultation using proven process to ensure sound outcomes. We pride ourselves on finding solutions to business challenges and delivering commercial outcomes.

This has been a core offering since commencement and accordingly our planning process and reports are well refined. We have a particular focus on.

  • Engaging our client throughout the process to ensure a strong level of ownership by the client
  • Considering the key aspects of marketing, operations, human resources, finance and technology
  • The “plan, implement and review” cycle to ensure plans are monitored and kept up-to –date
  • Preparing reports that are suitable for purpose.


We have presented numerous training courses for SME’s across the topics of strategic and business planning, managing growth, cash flow management and corporate governance.

As an extension to our work we have developed a governance tool termed the “Corporate Jacket” which provides a practical approach to Corporate Governance and information flows through SME’s. It is about SME’s consistently doing the right things at the right time, which is important to management through tough times and during growth phases.

The aim of the Corporate Jacket is to provide comfort for business owners and other stakeholders by considering:

  • What must a business have to comply with legal requirements
  • What should a business have as a minimum to run effectively
  • What could a business have to drive optimum performance

There are four stages to the Corporate Jacket, namely;

  • Stage 1 – Awareness – Review current processes and rank against “ideal”
  • Stage 2 – Comprehension – Understanding the gap between now and potential position
  • Stage 3 – Conviction by understanding the impact of improvement and achieving buy in from the management team
  • Stage 4 – Action and Review – making sure changes stick and maximum benefit is obtained.


The Corporate Jacket considers the performance of businesses across the following 10 platforms which are all broadly linked under the term of Corporate Governance.

  • Direction and Strategy
  • Consultation
  • Records
  • Meetings structure
  • Roles and Responsibilities
  • Skills, Resources
  • Conduct
  • Performance reporting
  • Financial reporting
  • Risk management and internal controls


We have undertaken various projects in the general category of organisational reviews, feasibilities or general management consulting. These consulting assignments have generally had a specific purpose, examples include.

  • Structural review of a not-for-profit organisation with over 500 staff
  • Program review
  • Profit improvement
  • Feasibility assessment for the development of a processing plant
  • Review of the viability of the workshops supporting other service areas with the State Government


We have been involved at all stages of the M&A process for clients including.


  • Identification and approach. For example we undertook a substantial project to establish the criteria for targets, identify and approach potential targets for the acquisition of an Australian target for a Fortune 500 (US) company
  • Testing the concept and outlining the business case for the Directors
  • Framing the transaction
  • Finalising the transaction
  • Business integration – Develop a Business Integration Strategy and facilitating the Business Integration Team

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