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Organisational Strategic and business planning

Since 1995, Armstrong Muller has been involved in more than 150 strategic and business planning projects across a wide range of industries. Clients have ranged from start-ups to divisions of multi-national listed organisations.

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Industry and regional planning

We have vast experience in industry and regional planning, particularly with Indigenous stakeholder groups, considering opportunities such as: Economic and employment development; Primary production; Development associated with mining; Coordination of Government programs


Corporate governance reviews

We have been involved in business mentoring for many organisations where strategic and business planning, feasibility study, or organisational review processes have been completed. We provide long term business mentoring to individual and organisational enterprises to ensure appropriate support is provided. Much of our governance delivery is provided on the ground with ongoing direction over an extensive period.

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Management training

We have presented many training courses for SME’s regarding strategic and business planning, managing growth, cash flow, and corporate governance. The ‘Corporate Jacket’ is a tool we have developed, providing a practical approach to corporate governance and information flows through SMEs. The aim of the Corporate Jack is to offer comfort for business owners and other stakeholders by considering: What must a business have to comply with legal requirements; What should a business have as a minimum to run effectively; What could a business have to drive optimum performance.

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Program evaluations and organisational reviews

Our team have broad experience and knowledge regarding the governance structures, financial operations, human resource needs, government program and policy directives of Indigenous Communities. Subsequently, we are in a prime position to engage with communities and organisations to review current practices and outcomes, and produce a review which contains a set of practical recommendations for funding agencies, the community and board to consider. We understand Government guidelines, programs and probity principles so we can work effectively between Government bodies and Indigenous organisations.


Feasibility studies

Armstrong Muller has conducted numerous feasibility studies for individually run Indigenous businesses, and regional groups. Studies have incorporated a range of industry sectors, from cattle production and aquaculture to community stores and hotels. We assist communities, organisations, and businesses to examine the current situation and investigate possible future scenarios to draw conclusions of the feasibility of proposed programs, projects, or partnership approaches.